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SmartGridware® Support

Support Overview

The SmartGridware® products are developed and supported by Monfox, the industry leader in Java based communication stacks since 1999. Monfox provides the highest level of customer support in the industry.

Each customer is assigned a support engineer who you can contact directly for any issues, questions or assistance during your development. Our support offering includes our standard product support package as well as a variety of custom support services.

Standard Product Support Package

The standard SmartGridware® product support package includes:

Assigned support engineer:
  • domain expert for your product
  • knows your support history
  • assists with your development as needed
Technical support via:
  • email
  • phone
  • web portal
Development assistance:
  • custom code examples
  • SCL file validation and development
  • conectivity testing support
  • assistance for debugging
  • certification testing support
Software updates
  • email notification of updates
  • covers all minor releases
Custom patch releases as needed
  • rapid turnaround
  • for high priority fixes/enhancements
Customer Web Portal Access
  • issue and feature tracking
  • software download area
  • customer file exchange area

Customer Web Portal

Monfox customers have access to the following features through the use of the Monfox Customer Web Portal:

Access to the issue tracking database
  • Submit new defect reports and feature requests
  • Search database for existing issues
  • Track status of outstanding issues
Access to the software download area
  • Access new updates
  • Access to older versions
A customer file exchange area
  • Exchange files with Monfox Support
  • Private customer file area

Custom Support Services

In addition to the standard support package, Monfox also offers additional support services including:

Customer Version Management
  • customer specific branch in version control
  • customer driven source updates
  • maintenance of customer branch
  • custom enhancements/modifications
  • customer specific releases
Custom Development
  • for major enhancement requests
  • ongoing maintenance of custom code